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Bedrooms:  3

Bathrooms:  2

Garage:  2

Stories:  1

Area:  220-240


Actual Area: 221m/sq Bathrooms: 2 Bedrooms: 3 Stories: 1
This substantial family home ticks all the boxes with its generous open-plan living area giving you oodles of space. At its heart is a large central kitchen featuring a walk-in scullery thats as practical as it is pretty. This and the feature lounge surround the large outdoor space created by this homes layout. The master is a private and separate escape with large glazed sliding doors that can open onto your own patio.

All HOUSE PLANS are drawn on A3 or larger size pages, scale of drawings are generally determined by the country By-Laws and range from 1:25 and higher and can include the following:
  • SITE PLAN: this drawing is generally 1:200 or 1:500 and contains the location of the new and existing buildings on the site.
  • FOUNDATION PLAN: often the foundation plan and the site plan are depicted in the same drawing. A typlical foundation plan will show the base footings to be excavated and filled, they will also show the areas to pour the slabs, and includes dimentions of walls.
  • EXTERNAL ELEVATIONS: are 2D look at the sides of the buildings showing the materials to be used in the construction process, some dimentions and underground drainage.
  • FLOOR PLAN(S): Detailed plans, showing the sizes/dimentions, wall partitions window and door locations, floor levels, floor materials.
  • CROSS SECTION: A vertical cut through the building from the roof to the foundation which demonstrates in more detail the methods of construction used to erect the building.
  • DRAINAGE PLAN: The drainage plan is often shown on the floor plan and the Site Plan to outline the methods of evacuating Foul Water from the building.
  • MODIFICATIONS TO HOUSE PLANS: If youve chosen to modify the plans in any way, the prices shown with modifications above are inclusive of 4 hours of work to manipulate the plans.

  • ALSO INCLUDED THAT WE DO FOR FREE with your HOUSE PLANS (to make your life easier):
  • WINDOW & DOOR SCHEDULES: This is a detailed schedule of the sizes of the external doors and windows of the home.
  • ROOF PLAN: This is an aerial view of the building and shows the outline and pitch of the roof fall.
  • SEPTIC TANK & SOAK AWAY: On occasion your site may require a detailed drawing of a septic tank and drainage to soak away, we offer this drawing at no attitional cost to you.